Zenology Liquid Bakhoor 300ml

Zenology Liquid Bakhoor 300ml

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Fragrance Notes: Amber, Geranium, Precious Spices, Dark Woods.

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“Pull the trigger to create your own scented atmosphere”

Bakhoor is the Arabic name given to scented bricks or a blend of natural traditional ingredients, mainly woodchips of oudh soaked in essential oils and mixed with other natural ingredients. When burnt it produces beautiful strains of scented smoke that fills the space with the ancient scent traditions of the Arab world. Zenology?s Bakhoor is a liquid version and new way to perfume the house with the oriental blend of geranium and white flowers harmonious blended with rich spices like cardamom, cumin and saffron on a base of woody amber.

ZENOLOGY?s iconic ambiance trigger was originally created for housekeeping to apply fragrances to hotel rooms. By equipping our bottle with an advanced wide range Canyon-trigger spray mechanism, one single spray from our ambiance trigger has the ability to fragrance an entire room.

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