Zenology Orchid Ambiance 300ml

Zenology Orchid Ambiance 300ml

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Fragrance Notes: Orchid, Plum, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo.

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“Pull the trigger to create your own scented atmosphere”
An orchid bursting into bloom. Not only capturing the cheerful scent of its flowers but also the crispness of its leaves and the warmth of the earth it keeps its feet in. Hidden spices with tints of mirabelle plum and chrysanthemum evolves into a lush white floral heart while beeswax and bamboo help to create a noble finish.

ZENOLOGY?s iconic ambiance trigger was originally created for housekeeping to apply fragrances to hotel rooms. By equipping our bottle with an advanced wide range Canyon-trigger spray mechanism, one single spray from our ambiance trigger has the ability to fragrance an entire room.

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